Praying for loved ones.
Them praying for you.

Your prayer world just got closer to Home

When friends and strangers alike have walked up to us saying, “I’m really scared.” Sometimes even shaking, but definitely talking to us with a noticeable posture that accelerates their words in our minds.

“What makes you so scared?”

“I won’t have anybody to pray for me after I die,” they say.

Inquisitively, I ask, “Why not?”

“Because my wife isn’t Catholic, nor do my Catholic children pray,” they respond with a broken voice and timid movements.

“We will pray for you. If we don’t see you for a while we will look into what happened. If you died, we will offer Masses and Rosary’s to help you should you go to Purgatory.”

Their shoulders perk up, their posture improves and they are a bit happier.

“Oh good,” comes a quick reply.

What Are Your Purgatory Plans?

The questions to you is, “Do you have the same concern about nobody praying for you after you die?”

Supporting our apostolate isn’t about receiving Indulgences, since the Catholic Church has strict guidelines for the Faithful to follow.

We don’t offer going to Heaven directly, either.  Nice of you to ask. 

Help The Purgatory People Grow

No Time To Wait, Become A Patron To Help A Poor Soul.

The Purgatory People works to help you pray for your deceased loved ones and after you die, we ask everyone in the community to pray for you while we offer Masses on the deceased subscriber’s behalf.

This is about a group of Church Militant Catholics getting involved to help the group of people they know who have died, as well as making prayer preparations to help themselves after they die.

Odds Of Friends in Purgatory

Of the 50 people I know who have died at least one of them could be in  Purgatory.  Heaven and hell aside, at least one could be in Purgatory, right?  Basic odds tell us at least one needs prayers. 

I don’t know which one so I pray for all 50. Our Lord is the one who decides the accounting and distribution of souls to their final destination.

But we can help them move along from Purgatory to Heaven faster if we pray for them, which is the center of this apostolate.

Praying to move souls through Purgatory faster.

Prayer. Praying for them. Praying for you.

Even the smallest of prayers will help a Poor Soul.  You can go to a game, work, the mall or any store.  The Poor Souls miss Heaven dearly and can only pray for us if we pray for them. 

Imagine.  The Poor Souls can’t do anything else but pray to God on our behalf!  Don’t miss out on receiving prayers in return for the prayers you give them.  How beautiful to pray for someone in dire need, while receiving Love in return. 

Help Us Help You Help Them

As a subscriber, you are giving and sharing your prayer life with the Poor Souls, with those souls you both know and don’t know. 

Help us to the degree that you can.  Then pray for the Poor Souls.  Then relax knowing Our Lord is in control.

Thank you for the smallest of prayers said from the biggest of hearts.  Your generosity to help us is very humbling.

The Poor Souls in Purgatory Action Apostolate is your resource center using Poor Souls prayer cards, either printed or on your phone, Rosary’s and prayers to help your family, friends or enemies should they be in Purgatory.

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Voice Mail: (504) 233-0218
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