The Story Behind The Purgatory PEOPLE
the church suffering Needs us

Mission: Praying For The Poor Souls

To develop a ministry providing Poor Souls Prayer Cards to help the living (Church Militant) to pray for the Poor Souls (Church Suffering) to help God experience the Special Love He has for them when they enter His Glorious Presence in Heaven (Church Triumphant!).

Faith makes us wonder now.

Faith makes us try to present our soul during the Mass while we sit in the back hoping to keep our minds on the sacrifice before us.
The key to understanding the role Purgatory has in our lives is to know our relationships don’t end with death.

This world is a circle. Death is outside the circle but everything you know and loved, and hated, about the person who died hasn’t changed.  You feel better, worse, happier, sadder or confused.  While your emotions take you over they may be crying out for prayers.  PRAY!

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