About the Purgatory People

Our ministry is supported with the success of our printing and graphic design company About The Design, so if you are holding our prayer card, you see the quality of our printing, and if you are on this website, you see the quality of our design and photography.

Always walk in the presence of God. Tell Him everything. Talk to Him as you would talk to a friend. Guard your interior life carefully.

Retired Archbishop Alfred Hughes of the Archdiocese of New Orleans gave us his blessing with the stipulation that we get pastor approval before putting our prayer cards in any catholic church. Please help us honor Archbishop Hughes request by contacting your pastor before you put them in the church you attend Mass.

If a Priest washes his hands with Holy Water before touching the Eucharist, why do the Faithful accept Communion in their dirty, sinful hands? Don’t touch Our Lord. Accept on the tongue only from a priest!

What Can I Do To Help A Poor Soul?​

Please assist us with the following to help a Poor Soul, and to perhaps save your own soul:

First, pray the prayers found on the Poor Souls Prayer card, which you can download 
here, with pleasing Jesus first, as He is the one who loves the Poor Souls the most and uses your prayers to lessen the Poor Souls suffering. 

When To Pray For The Poor Souls In Purgatory

Use the Poor Souls Prayer card before or after Mass, but never during Mass. Offering an hour before the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration? There isn’t any better place to pray for the Poor Souls than before Our Lord!

Donations to print more poor souls cards

Monies collected go to printing more Poor Souls cards that are distributed to the Faithful. Pray the cards get into the hands of those who have forgotten the Poor Souls, for as they pray for the Poor Souls, their own soul is closer to being saved. You may keep track of our poor souls distribution

When you want to know more about poor souls prayer cards, ask someone who enjoys using the card or website mobile app how the prayers make their soul feel? Or you can ask them about poor souls prayer cards making them want to pray more for the poor souls. Or you can ask about poor souls prayer cards being shared with their family members in case they pass on unexpectedly. If you died today, who would be here praying for you if you were to become a Poor Soul?